038: Interview with Kristin Brown

Who do you want to become? What if you could start becoming that person right now? Today on the podcast, Heidi interviews Kristin Brown from The Progress Project. Kristin has designed a thought provoking and action based exercise that helps each of us think about who we want to be and how we are going to get there. During the interview, Kristin discusses how she has used this tool to benefit her own life and how each of us can do the same. Deciding who you want to become is powerful. It can help guide your life as you navigate challenges, triumphs, heartbreak and joy. Making these intentional choices and then living by them can bring so much happiness and clarity into our lives. Kristin makes the process so easy with her free printable. Be sure to get yours! https://www.jointheprogressproject.com/futureself You can find more from Kristin on her website: www.jointheprogressproject.com Her podcast: The Progress Project And on Instagram: kristinbrown and jointheprogressproject