032: Interview with Tony Overbay

Pornography is effecting many marriages and families throughout the world. This week Heidi interviews Tony Overbay, a marriage and family therapist that has worked with countless individuals that struggle with pornography addiction. Tony understands the difficulties associated with pornography use and specializes in helping people navigate their way back. There is hope, both for the individual and the spouse. If you or someone you love struggles with a pornography addiction, this episode is for you. If you have ever found it uncomfortable to talk to your children about pornography or simply want to know more about this very real and difficult challenge, please tune in. For more information from Tony Overbay please visit his website, www.tonyoverbay.com You can also find him on Instagram @virtualcouch Facebook: Tony Overbay, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist And definitely listen to his podcast The Virtual Couch.