031: Lessons Learned from Physical "Challenges"

"Love your body and your body will love you." Often, this quote makes sense. We take care of our bodies and they are healthy. But sometimes, these human bodies don't function perfectly. It may not feel like our bodies are loving us. What then? Today, Taffy recaps three interviews she has done with women who know all about having your body not work as planned. From paralysis, to scleroderma, to infertility; these wise women have learned so much, and their wisdom can help us all, no matter our struggle. Also, Taffy shares her experience with miscarriage, and the biggest shift in thinking that came as a result. Finally, Heidi talks about suffering a stroke and shares her most recent thoughts that can change everything we think about physical "challenges". To listen to the full interview with each of these amazing women, click on the links: Abby's interview: https://www.thejoyfulsoulproject.com/posts/019-interview-with-abby-part-1 Breanne's Interview: https://www.thejoyfulsoulproject.com/posts/023-interview-with-breanne-aullman Rachel's Interview: https://www.thejoyfulsoulproject.com/posts/027-interview-with-rachel-nielson