027: Interview with Rachel Nielson

Infertility is a common struggle for women. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 10% of women in the United States have trouble getting pregnant or staying pregnant. If you haven’t experienced infertility, you surely know someone who has. But yet, we don’t talk about it much. This week, guest Rachel Nielsen, host of the 3 in 30 Podcast for Moms opens up about her experience with infertility, treatments, IVF, and adoption. Listen as she and Taffy discuss the challenges and the blessings that have been part of her life because of this trial. Rachel also shares how infertility has affected her relationship with her body, and steps she has taken to improve that important relationship. To hear more from Rachel, search for her podcast, “3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms” in your favorite podcast app, follow her on Instagram @3in30podcast, or visit her website, 3in30podcast.com