004: Wholehearted Living

This week on the podcast I talk about wholehearted living. This term comes from Brenè Brown's book, The Gifts of Imperfection. Wholehearted living requires three things; courage, compassion and connection. Courage is not always some huge act of heroism. Courage in our day to day lives is very ordinary. It is willing to be imperfect. It is sharing our story. Courage is being who are rather than who we think we are suppose to be. Compassion is loving ourselves and others, even when we/they are not perfect. Compassion is choosing empathy, forgiveness and kindness. We all need connection. Connection is the key to a happy life. Meaningful connection comes when we feel heard, seen and valued. But connecting must go both ways, we must be the giver and the receiver. We can all use a little more courage, compassion and connection. The seemingly small choices we make each day can move us towards wholehearted living.