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The Joyful Soul Project and Project Love your Body are partnering together to provide uplifting confidence building content.

Love is both a feeling and an action. And when it comes to loving my body, I’m not sure which comes first. I know that when I feel love for my body, I treat it in loving ways. And when I take care of my body, my feelings of love for it grow. But while I may not know which part comes first, I do know that loving my body is not a one-and-done type of project. It is ongoing.

I believe that nothing stays the same. Not my children. Not my house. Not my life. And not my body. And so the work of loving my body will never end. (Sounds like laundry, right?) But I also believe that this work–this project–of loving my body, is one of the most important ones I tackle day after day. And about a thousand times more fulfilling than laundry!

As women, there are so many influences that try to interfere with us loving our bodies. But I believe that developing a healthy love for our bodies is an attainable goal for every woman. Project Love Your Body is born of that belief.

There are two things that make any project easier–the right tools, and a great work crew. Project Love Your Body is the place where you can find both. My hope is that as I share the tools that help me, and that as other women join this project, we can help each other learn to both love (the feeling) and love (the action) our amazing bodies.

It has been said that when you give, you receive. This is true with body love.

Love your body, and your body will love you. ♥

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Meet Taffy

Hi! I'm Taffy. I'm a blogger, NASM certified personal trainer, runner, gardener, travel enthusiast, and cook. I love learning, sharing, and being a mom. I'm living the dream on a cattle ranch in Wyoming with my rancher husband and five kids. I have a passion for healthy living, and my goal is to help women learn to love their bodies and create healthier versions of themselves. Thanks for joining the project!